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Living for an applause is so cheap...

There was a time in my life where I was checking box after box, hitting goal after goal and every time I was congratulated that was the fuel I needed to set another goal and kill it once again.

I put myself in a position of being the poster-child of success, one day my therapist asked me, “Briana, who are you doing this for?” At the time I didn’t recognize that I had put myself on the hamster wheel of reaching for the next success story. 

See, validation was the cure for my unhealed trauma. 

My answer to my therapist was, “my family, friends..” I tried to be as selfless as I could with my answer because that’s humble, right? Aht aht..

In all honesty, I was doing it because I needed an applause, I needed that extra validation that I was doing the right thing. 

One day I made a decision that sent shockwaves to my family, and all of sudden I felt as if they hated me bc instead of clapping they were now questioning my headspace and decision-making. Whew… that sent me on a spiral, bc I no longer felt like I was the poster-child. 

Unknowingly, I took myself off of the hamster wheel and I haven’t returned since. 

Let me tell you why, my family never stopped clapping and my friends were still cheering.. however, I stepped back and allowed God to lead and guide me. I stopped doing things my way, I stopped reaching— man I stopped reaching.

When God validates you it is next level, like for real an unlocked code. He will never leave nor forsake you comes alive in your heart.. 

Allow God the space in your life to lead and guide you to what’s next, I promise it’s easier that way.

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