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Dating Chronicles #1

I’m considering doing a docuseries once I start back dating bc in the previous years things would happen that could be recorded… here’s one story.

I was dating this guy back in 2016/2017, he asked to take me to lunch in Forsyth one day. I was like okay cool, now the Captain D’s in Forsyth, GA go crazy (iykyk).

Well back then it did, I’m not sure what it’s like now.

I was and still am a “church-girl” but that’s one thing people knew me as because that’s what I put out there.. “I love Jesus🙌🏾”

Anywayyy… so the food comes and it’s always fresh. We were in mid-conversation and I started eating.. soon as I was getting ready to dip my hot fish in honey mustard sauce, something told me to look up.

I look up and he’s giving me the weirdest death stare.

I grabbed a napkin to wipe my face, and I asked him, “what’s up, am I being unlady-like?!”..

He was like no, that’s not it. I’m like, “is your food not what you ordered?”.. he’s like nah that’s not it.

So what’s up?

He said, “so you don’t pray before you eat?”

I was so shame, I had to play it off 😂 I said, “Ohhh, you do that EVERYTIME you eat?! Are you for real?” He’s like yeah, and I thought you would too since you know the Lord.

I lied, I said “I prayed over breakfast, one time a day is all I need and it covers the rest of my meals.”

I ain’t had the first breakfast. 😭

He quoted some scripture; it’s real deep and awkward at this point, I ain’t even want my food anymore.

I said well, okay. Pray hunney.

Long story short…. That was our LAST DATE, I legit never heard from him again. 😂

Lesson: Pray before you eat, ladies and gents.

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